This yoghurt contains (good) bacteria!

Not all bacteria are bad for you. With ‘bad’ bacteria behind harmful diseases driving us to routinely disinfect our homes with anti-bacterial cleaners, we tend to gloss over the truth that ‘good’ bacteria exist and are essential for our bodies.

In fact, the human body houses about 100 trillion ‘good’ bacteria that reside in the gut to help our bodies digest food, absorb nutrients and produce vitamins in the intestinal tract. It is for this same reason that ‘good’ bacteria such as the LB81 strain of live cultures contained in Meiji Bulgaria set and drinking yoghurt can be beneficial in encouraging the further production and respawning of these microorganisms in the body.

What do ‘good’ bacteria, such as Meiji Bulgaria’s LB81 live cultures, do for your body and why should you consume it everyday?

The answer is a variety of benefits – from easing digestion, relieving constipation and improving excretory systems to regulating the gut. What ‘good’ bacteria such as LB81 help do essentially is balance the gastrointestinal flora in the gut by eliminating ‘bad’ bacteria, hence reducing opportunities for ‘bad’ bacteria to harm the body.

Gut health is closely tied to the body’s immune response, so taking care of the gut by ensuring gastrointestinal balance and encouraging the production and respawning of ‘good’ bacteria for the body can go a long way in helping maintain good overall health. Therefore, everyday consumption will definitely adjust digestive balance in your digestive system and improve your excretory system.

Keeping things functional

It is because of these user benefits that yoghurt fermented with live cultures, a form of ‘good’ bacteria, such as Meiji Bulgaria are more functional in terms of benefits. Functional foods generally provide benefits beyond the provision of nutrients and have a positive impact on general well-being. The LB81 live cultures contained in Meiji Bulgaria, for instance, comprise authentic Bulgarian strain of cultures that enhance the product nutritionally. The fermentation process originating from the Bulgarian method, made carefully cup by cup, forms the set, curdy texture that makes Meiji Bulgaria unique.

Choosing the right yoghurt

Whether it’s picking out the right flavours for your enjoyment, or seeking out the functional aspects of the product, choosing the right yoghurt depends a lot on an individuals’ tastes and preferences. Meiji Bulgaria comes in a range of assorted flavours such as No Added Sugar, Mild Sweetened and Natural Honey set yoghurt, as well as Wild Berry and Mild Sweetened drinking yoghurt, perfect for users young and old to try. Regular intake of such functional yoghurt can not only just benefit your well-being, but can also be delicious and tasty for daily consumption