Meiji Milk & Yoghurt: Benefits Around-the-Clock

Milk and yoghurt consumption has been long associated with health benefits in Singapore, and comprise good sources of nutritional value for consumers young and old. Meiji Fresh Milk, for instance, offers the premium quality of pasteurised cow’s milk with protein, calcium and vitamin B2, while the Healthier Choice flavours of Meiji Yoghurt are low in fat and full of various vitamins and live cultures.

However, not many know that milk and yoghurt are accessible and convenient to consume all year and around-the-clock, bringing enhanced nutritional benefits to consumers. Busy, career-driven consumers can feast on a cup of Meiji Yoghurt for a quick, low-calorie midday snack between meetings. For stay-home consumers, Meiji Fresh Milk and Yoghurt comprise classic family favourites and create memorable occasions for bonding, whether it’s at the breakfast table or at your child’s birthday. 

Whatever your lifestyle, here are just some ways you can enjoy Meiji Milk and Yoghurt around-the-clock:

8 AM - Healthy breakfasts to start the day

Power up your mornings with a healthy breakfast to start your day. With Meiji Fresh Milk, you can have essential protein, calcium and vitamins for your body. Pair it with a plate of complex carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fats for a balanced meal.

For an added protein boost, mix your morning coffee/tea with Meiji Deluxe Milk for a creamier texture to your caffeine fix. 

12 PM – Lunchtime snack in the office pantry

Grab a cup of Meiji Yoghurt with its wide range of fruity flavours for the perfect addition to your lunch meal. Select from our Healthier Choice favourites of Natural, Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Nata de Coco, Mango or Aloe Vera flavours – perfect as a fruity snack or a healthy dessert. 

Packed with live probiotics, Meiji Yoghurt is not only creamy and tasty, but eases indigestion and brings benefits to your gastrointestinal system as well.

2 PM – Post-school treat for happy, healthy children

Happy children equals to happy parents, so why not give your child a post-school treat with Meiji Flavoured Milk. Let the young ones enjoy the classic, Healthier Choice taste of Strawberry or Chocolate Flavoured Milk, while the older ones can explore the more adventurous taste of Banana, Melon or Coffee Flavoured Milk.

With the same nutritional contents of classic fresh milk, you can ensure your child gets the calcium, protein and Vitamin B12 to grow, especially for children who do not like to drink milk.

6 PM - Meal replacement for the diet-conscious

Diet-conscious consumers do not have to miss out on the fun. Meiji Yoghurt is the perfect instant pick-me-up for consumers who want to keep a balanced diet, and even works as a healthy, low fat meal replacement for those watching their waistline.

You can even make a post-workout smoothie by blending Meiji Low Fat Milk or Meiji Skimmed Milk with your favourite fruits and a cup of Meiji Yoghurt. Stick your smoothie in the fridge for a cool late afternoon drink, or blend ice cubes to give it a ‘slushie’ texture. Best of all, you can top it off with your favourite post-workout protein powder to create your own custom protein shake.

9 PM – Relax with a pre-bedtime snack

Even with a delicious, filling dinner, we sometimes crave for pre-bedtime snacks. However, the choice of pre-bedtime snack can greatly affect the quality of sleep we get. 

That is why nutritionists and dietitians recommend drinking milk to help with falling asleep. This is because protein foods such as milk and milk products contain the sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan and the hormone melatonin which helps with relaxation. Hence why it comes as no surprise that milk is commonly associated with promoting good sleep.