Healthy Morning Breakfasts with Meiji Milk

When you live an active lifestyle in a busy city like Singapore, it is easy to skimp on nutrition at breakfast or just skip breakfast entirely. However, a balanced meal that is rich in essential nutrients is vital to a healthy first meal of the day as it helps keep you energised and ready to kickstart your morning.

Eggs are the go-to breakfast for many, but variety is key to making sure you keep mornings exciting and don’t miss out on other food sources. Fortunately, Meiji Milk is power-packed with nutritional value with a wide range of flavours to offer: Fresh Milk, Deluxe Milk, Low Fat Milk, Skimmed Milk, Flavoured Milk (Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee, Banana, Melon) and Lactose-Free Milk.

5 Ways to Use Meiji Milk for Good, Healthy Breakfasts

1. Drink Meiji Milk to Start the Day Right

It comes as no surprise that the best way to use Meiji Milk is to drink it. Pairing your breakfast with a glass of Meiji Fresh Milk can help you ensure your body gets the morning boost it needs to start the day. 

For those looking for low fat options, you can even switch to Meiji Low Fat Milk and Meiji Skimmed Milk, whether you’re drinking it in a glass or in your favourite cereal. 

2. Add Meiji Milk for Creamy, Calcium-Packed Coffees

Add a calcium boost to your morning coffees for a healthy caffeine perk-up. Achieve an ideal balance of taste and texture when you mix your coffee with Meiji Fresh Milk’s classic, premium quality, whole milk taste. 

For the health-conscious, pair a skim latte with Meiji Skimmed Milk or Meiji Low Fat Milk so you can get all the calcium you need without worrying about your waistline. If you’re looking for a café-style taste to your coffee, mix in the famous red packaging Meiji Deluxe Milk, which has higher percentage fat content for a creamier, heavier texture to your breakfast drink.

3. Make Fruity, Flavoured Smoothies

Whip up a quick, tasty flavoured smoothie in just under 5 minutes with Meiji Flavoured Milk. With a range of tantalising flavours to choose from, you can say goodbye to classic plain flavoured milkshakes and enjoy a blend of chocolatey or fruity milk flavours for a more exciting twist. 

Give It A Try: To try making your own smoothie, simply blend frozen bananas or fresh berries with a few ice cubes, Meiji Yoghurt and Meiji Flavoured Milk of your choice. For an extra boost of protein, add a scoop of vanilla or chocolate protein powder on top – then pack it in your bag as a morning snack or a post-workout drink.

4. Flip a Fluffy, Homemade Pancake

For a wholesome, sit-home breakfast with your family, cook up some light, fluffy homemade pancakes with Meiji Deluxe Milk

The trick to cooking fluffy pancakes is to mix dry and wet ingredients separately before combining them, and using creamy, heavier multipurpose milk such as Meiji Deluxe Milk, which gives you a richer taste that is also packed with all the essential ingredients of fresh cow’s milk.

5. Lactose-Free Options for Lactose Intolerant Drinkers

Just because you are lactose intolerant does not mean you have to miss out on morning breakfast goodness. Our Meiji Lactose-Free Milk offers the same nutrients and delicious taste as our fresh milk offerings, minus the stomach and digestive problems.

Lactose intolerant drinkers can look forward to a worry-free nutritional perk with their morning glass of milk, cereal or coffee. For lactose-free recipes, substitute with Meiji Lactose-Free Milk so you can enjoy your pancakes and digest your food more easily for a healthier start to your morning.